Devon Gray

Louisville, Kentucky

My name is Devon O’Reilly Gray. I am a metalsmith + maker inspired by nature, beauty, and functionality. All the pieces you see on this website are slowly crafted with a love for experimenting and play.

In an age where everything is available at the click of a button, it is important to slow down and be more intentional with what we keep in our lives. My small business is a testament to what is truly important: connections and collaborations with others, craftsmanship, creating, and bringing playfulness to our lives. 

When you buy a DevonOGray piece, you know it comes from play time - not a production line.

Read more about Custom Orders, explore past work, or Contact me if you have any questions, or just want to chat! You can also follow me on Instagram to see behind the scenes.


I’ve been slowly accumulating the tools I needed and now I mostly fabricate jewelry in my garage studio, surrounded by my lil zoo : 3 dogs (Mannie the Newfoundland, and 2 cattle dogs, Hup and Wylie) 3 cats (Luna the mom, and her 2 grown up kittens Olive and Kalamata) and can’t forget Walter, my snake. Last but not least my partner whose first name is Gray (confusing, I know) is a talented lapidary artist, and we are currently transitioning to me using just his stones, unless a client provides a stone they would like to use for customs. 

I instantly fell in love with metal smithing during a class at Metro Arts Community Center, taught by a lovely woman I consider my “metal mentor”, Laurie Adkins. The community there was adventurous and welcoming, just what I needed at the time. I craft each jewelry piece by hand using previously-used silver or gold to challenge imaginations and reduce waste. Handmade pieces are always unique and each seam and detail is intentional. 

I love the way that light interacts with different objects and I believe that plays a vital role in most of my work. In ceramics for example - which I handbuild in a community studio, AA clay, using locally sourced clay from Kentucky Mud Works - most of my functional sculptures such as luminaries and hanging chimes, are a play on manipulating light to create a different environment. The way the candle light shows through the holes or the way the light comes through different crystals or stained glass, and with jewelry, each stone tells a unique story. I also dabble in glass experiments. The pieces change depending on the light, and the light changes depending on the piece.

Thank you for your support!