Interested in a Custom order? Start with this FAQ, then we'll chat.

I am always open to creating work for you! Custom rings, earrings + necklaces in your desired material. But not just jewelry! Looking for a custom hanging sculpture? Bring me your knick knacks and we’ll collaborate. Want a custom ceramic line? Let’s talk about food-safe glazes.


Custom orders typically take between 4-6 weeks from first conversation to shipping, depending on design and materials. However, if you are looking for an engagement, anniversary, or specialty ring(s), please email me directly to discuss timelines!

In order to place a custom order, you will need to make a $50 deposit that will be put toward the final price. The full price of the item will depend on design and materials. Specialty rings require an initial consultation, followed by a 50% deposit to be put toward the estimated final cost.


You will need to determine the size or length of the piece. If this is a gift or you do not know your sizing, email me to set up an in-person sizing appointment. I also have ring sizers available on the website!


Email me at I look forward to connecting!